Barbara Baltussen .

Barbara Baltussen (b. 1982) comes from a family of musicians. She began learning piano at the age of seven at the Academy of Music of Saint Nicolas under Johan Lybeert. She continued her studies in the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp under Levente Kende and Heidi Henderickx, where she obtained a diploma of ‘mastery of music’ in June 2006.

During the same period, Barbara participated in several masterclasses with musicians of international regard such as Jacob Lateiner, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Lee Kum-Sing, György, Charles Rosen, Udo Reinemann, Jard Van Nes, Rudolf Jansen, Rian De Waal. She was a prizewinner at many competitions including the Jong Tenuto, Cantabile, Axion Classics and E. Durlet competitions.

As a soloist she has worked with conductors such as Etienne Siebens, Koen Kessels, Ivo Venkov, Silveer van de Broek, Gert D’haese and Edmond Saverniers. Barbara came up with a solo programme with works by female composers that she has already performed in diverse concert venues and at festivals such as the international piano festival of Quaregnon in 2010. In June 2014, she premiered the first Concerto for Piano and Ensemble by the promising young composer Gillis Sacré, who dedicated the work to her.

Barbara is one of the founding members of the Khaldei Trio and, along with her father Nico Baltussen, forms an enthusiastic duo. Barbara has already worked with such ensembles and orchestras as the Brussels Philharmonic, the Vlams Radio Koor, Walpurgis, and the Hommages ensemble

Barbara teaches piano and accompaniment at the Academy of Music of Bornem and at the Musical Humanities in Brussels.

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